Equil Insulin Patch Pump

Small – Simple – Tubeless

No infusion set tubing Quick pump detach for water activities

Discreet Bolus Delivery

Discreet bolus from the PDA device Quick bolus option from the patch pump Bolus Calculator for accurate dosing

Lightweight and Discreet

No direct access to your pump is required The PDA device controls your pump through a secure Bluetooth® connection

Personal Diabetes Assistant

Send commands securely to your pump with the encrypted Bluetooth® connection. A discreet way of controlling your pump as no direct access to your pump is required. Did you forget your PDA? Use the quick bolus button on the patch pump to administer insulin

Basal Rate

Various basal programs and rates available to adjust to your daily insulin needs for e.g. workdays, weekends, sick days and holidays.

Bolus Calculator

An accurate way to have your bolus insulin calculated for mealtimes or to bring your blood glucose level back to target range, keeping track of active insulin to prevent the stacking of insulin in your body.

Simple and Convenient

Control your patch pump and measure your blood glucose* on one device

* Exactive EQ Blood Glucose Test
Strips available

Hover over each of the buttons on the PDA below to find out more:


The Equil Insulin Patch Pump provides you with various options to administer insulin for your meal and/or lower your blood glucose levels back to target range (correction dose).

The Bolus Calculator enables accurate insulin dosing based on your carbohydrate ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, blood glucose target range and active insulin time that has been programmed into your pump. It keeps track of any active insulin in your body and deducts this from a correction dose to prevent insulin stacking.

All you need to enter is your blood glucose value and if you are eating, the amount of carbohydrates. Depending on your meal, you may decide to administer all of your recommended meal dose immediately or over an extended period of time.


Basal insulin is administered to maintain target blood glucose levels when not eating. You can configure up to 7 Basal Programs on the Equil Insulin Patch Pump. This can help you adapt to various situations e.g. work days, weekends, sick days, training days. The smallest increment for basal delivery is 0.025 U/hr. The Temporary Basal option is available for those times when you require a different basal insulin rate for up to 12 hours.


Whether you want to connect your new Equil Insulin Patch
Pump to the PDA, change your reservoir and/or battery, check your blood glucose level or use the Bolus Calculator to calculate your insulin amount for food and/or correction, the simple instructions on the PDA guide you every step of the way.


In the Daily Log check your blood glucose values and average, total carbohydrates, total insulin, basal rates and bolus amounts.

Switch to Historical Averages to view your average blood glucose and insulin delivery information.

Prefer to view your values on a graph? Turn your PDA into landscape orientation.


Your Healthcare Professional will provide you with the insulin pump settings to be programmed into your pump.


Occasionally, you may need to temporarily stop insulin delivery by using the Suspend function. This can happen, for instance, if you need to remove the pump from the infusion set when you change your infusion site or when taking part in water activities.

Once you reconnect after water activities, simply press Resume to restart basal insulin program.

Always confirm on the Home Screen that your basal program has resumed.

Monthly Consumables

  • Equil Insulin Reservoirs
  • Equil Infusion Sets (Cannulas and Pump
    Base Plasters)
  • Exactive EQ Blood Glucose Test Strips